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Welcome to the Shepherd Roegiers
 Thanks for dropping in!  

All of this started back in 1972 when we moved to the country and purchased 10 old ewes.  The following year, as a 4-H project we bought 12 purebred Suffolk bred ewes.  In 1988 we bought 12 Corriedale ewes giving  us a "wool" breed flock along with our Suffolk "meat" breed flock We sold "breeding stock" and "table lambs"for people to eat. The kids also had plenty of sheep to show at the Fair. 

The Roegiers ewes are bred in August and 145 days later the new lambs show up.  This program is called a ewe/lamb operation. After 35 years I now brag about "knowing this business from the ground up". South Dakota is the sixth largest sheep producing state, following Texas, California, Wyoming, Colorado and Montana .