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Cleaning Information

Washable? Yes!
You should not need to washyour sheepskin often. If you do – follow these instructions. When you need to wash it, pre-soak it for 10 minutes in your washed,tub or sink then add a mild soap, such as Ivory, to cold or lukewarm water. You can do this in your bathtub or in your regular washing machine. If in the machine, after the pre-soak, wash for only three minutes on your gentle cycle. To dry, hang outside AND ROTATE FOR EVEN DRYING until 85% dry then go to your dryer. Along with the hide, add a pair of tennis shoes to soften the leather and remember, keep the dryer heat off or very low. Heat shrinks wool, whether in the washer or the dryer. After brushing a little, your hide should freshen up nicely. I hope you enjoy this beautiful pelt.

If you have questions please call us at (800) 749--7599