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Check out our Qwaruba Slipper Brochure

These moccasins are the Wooly Womper. They have a soft sole -  basically a house slipper. They sell for $45.  Your feet will love them. Moccasin  

These "side flap" slippers are designed for people with hurting, swollen, cold feet. Our Australian, Merino Wool slipper is specifically designed for the  diabetic foot.

Price is $60.

Ware these hard sole moccasins when gathering in the mail or empting the trash.This is your slipper. Cost is also $45.  Insoles   -Our second style of theraputic footware is the "front flap" or "hood" style. Justinsert your foot and pull up  the "hood". This covers the heal and the toe area.Cost $60
Meet the "High Top". This slipper costs $35 and is another soft sole model. Watch TV or read yourself to sleep. You're all set here Slipper   Insoles--$10 Dr. Scholls but 100% WOOL. The perfect liner!! insoles