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Other Products

Neck Coolers $8. These go around your neck and really provide relief from the heat. Yea! Chemistry Neck Coolers
Rabbit Skins $5/ $8 These provide a cheap gift for a special child or friend. Rabbit
Red & Silverfox Tails $10 Another small item which always brings a smile to a face.Attach to hat or belt. Tails
Innovative grandma --- here is another use for a sheepskin , a gift that lasts a long time.This baby quit screaming and we all smiled. Gram

An all wool soccer ball which is fun to toss or kick but designed not to injure people or lamps.. These sell for $35

Here we some woolen mice and some woolen dog bones. yes, all wool and fun for cats and your dog to play with. Even babies like these. Cost is $5 and $7.